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5 DIY Jobs Sellers Should STOP Doing

Saving hundreds could cost you thousands! Here are 5 DIY’s best left to the pros.


April Home Maintenance Checklist

Are we still debating on whether or not we’re ready for Spring weather? Think our local forecaster needs to get the memo and start doing something about these forecasts ’cause this southern bell is ready to move on. Don’t you judge me. I know I’m not the only one. A great many of us are ready to stash our coats for a while to … Read More April Home Maintenance Checklist


March Home Maintenance

March brings glimpses of hope! As weather warms, don’t forget these home maintenance tasks.


10 Keys to Protecting Your Greatest Investment

Could you already be holding the keys to your own wealth? Here’s what you need to be doing to protect what could be your absolutely GREATEST investment.