Faster Food Prep Kitchen Hacks

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green and silver kitchen knife beside pink onions

Peel Garlic in a Jar

Need a lot of fresh garlic?  Peel excess paper from the outside of the bulb.  Place rightside up on the counter and smash bulb with the heel of your hand (seriously, whack the heck out of it).  Place cloves in a large mason jar with a lid.  Shake the jar.  You’ll start to see the paper loose from the cloves.  From here you can just dump it on your counter or cutting board and pick out the peeled cloves.  Voila!

Mince Garlic with a Fork

I like using this method when I am in a hurry and only need a small amount of garlic. To do: use the back of the fork to crush the garlic.  Remove the paper and mince by rocking the tines over the clove.

Peel Ginger with a Spoon

This makes peeling ginger so fast, its almost ridiculous!  Just rake down ginger with the side of a spoon.

Cut Around a Core

Why waste time slicing the apple and then digging out the core (especially if you’re just prepping it to be chopped or juiced?  Just cut it out.  If you need it peeled, be sure to do this before cutting.

Quickly Peel Citrus Fruits

Why cut or pull the peel from individual slices?  Peel citrus fruits quickly and easily by simply working your way around the fruit with a knife.  Cut off the top and ends first.  Set flat and cut down the sides.

Cut Mangos

Getting that perfect presentation with mangoes is super easy.  Just set your mango on it’s side and cut the flatter sides from it.  Use a small knife to scrore the mango vertically and horizontally.  Invert the mango, pressing its center outward with your fingers.  Lie on your cutting board and cut or scrape chunks from the skin.  Remove remaining skin and flesh from pit.  Cut into cubes and serve.

Strip Leafy Greens

To strip green leaves, grab the stem with one hand while cupping the leaf and grasping it with the other hand closest to the stem.  Pull the leaf away by slidding it down the stem, away from the other hand.

A Lesson on Bananas from Our Primate Friends

Most people have a habit of peeling bananas by yanking at the stem.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it just leaves you frustrated with a mashed banana in your hand.  Our primate friends have an easier way.  Pinch it from the bottom.  Splits open every time.

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