How to Make Crunchy, Shaped, Raw Taco Shells 

Tacos 2

This is my simple method of attaining the perfect crunchy shells, using a few inexpensive materials.

Be sure to pull my recipes for Raw Vegan Tacos to deck these babies out!

Crafting the Molds

Step 1: Purchase & Clean Materials 

Pick up some mesh screens from  a hobby or fabric store or from your local super center.  You should be able to find mini paper clips among the office supplies.  You do want them to be small so the fit in your dehydrator.

Step 2: Cut 

Cut mesh sheets into 4 equal sections.  Don’t worry about making these round.  You can but its not necessary and will not effect the end result.  Also, they should come out somewhat rectangular so don’t worry about making them a perfect square.

Step 3:  Fold & Secure 

Fold each cut-out in half and squeeze firmly.  Loop a paper clip through the middle of the final section of holes on either side.

Making the Crunchy Shells

 Step 1: Mold 

Prepare soft corn tortillas as per instructions, as found here.  Wrap soft corn tortillas around the outside of the molds.  Be sure that your tortillas are dry but pliable.  Wet ones can stick to the mold while dry ones may resist shaping.

Step 2: Dry 

Holding tortilla around the mold, slide onto mesh tray backside first or at an angle so the tray above holds the tortilla down around the mold.

Dry until crispy.

Step 3:  Store & Use 

Remove mold and use or store.  To store, shells should be placed in an airtight container and used within a couple weeks.  You may refrigerate to prolong shelf life.  If shells start to get a bit stale, you may place them back in the dehydrator until crispy again.


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