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Homebuyers: Be Ready To Act This Winter

Anticipating timing on the market over the last couple years, for many, has felt like an ongoing game of double-dutch (do we jump? do we wait? do we go now…are we too late?). I know it’s not been easy BUT I am confident that there are great solutions to be had for most anybody. We just need to implement the strategy and resources to … Read More Homebuyers: Be Ready To Act This Winter


5 Fast Ways to Find Funding for Your Down Payment

If there’s anything that can prove to be a challenge to many homebuyers, it’s not so much whether they can afford the home on a month-to-month basis but whether they can pull together the funds needed for that down payment.

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Today’s Prep to Fall into the Perfect Home This Autumn

Here are a few things you should be doing NOW to step into the Fall market with your best boot forward.

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Season Preview into the 2022 Spring Home Market

The Market’s still moving. Is it time for you to make your move too?


Are You Ready To Fall in Love with Homeownership?

A home continues to be of the utmost importance and a place of security and comfort.


Looking for a Forecast on Mortgage Rates? This Could Help…

While it’s always difficult to know exactly where mortgage rates will go, this has a strong history of being a good indicator and factor to consider.


Avoid the Rental Trap in 2022

Feel like you’re STUCK renting? We need to talk.


Last Week’s Mortgage Rate Increase

Mortgage rates continue to be on the rise, impacting buyers AND sellers. Here’s what we’re seeing and what we’re expecting over the coming year.


What’s Happening with Home Prices?

Many people have questions about home prices right now. Here’s a look at the answers to all three of these questions.


What Does the Future Hold for Home Prices?

Experts expect price deceleration, not price depreciation over the coming years. Let’s connect to talk through what’s happening in the housing market today, where things are headed, and what it means for you.


Renovate or Restart? Which do You Need?

Needs not being met in your current home? Maybe its time to weigh your options to see if a reno or a restart is what you really need.


Why October is the Sweet Spot for Buyers

Crisp, fresh air and a fresh step back into the market. Here’s why October could be just the time to fall into your next home.


5 Tips for Bringing Your Best Offer

If you want to get the house, you’re going to have to stand out. Here’s how it’s done.


111,285 Reasons You Should Buy a Home This Year

Homeowners are expected to gain over $100k in equity over the next 5 years. Will you be one of them?


Is the Number of Homes for Sale Finally Growing?

Are we finally start to see an improvement in inventory? Depends on what segment of the market you’re in.


To Buy or Not to Buy? Does It Make Sense Now?

With the rumors going around, you may be wondering “is NOW really a good time to be a player in the market or should I just wait?” Why, I’m glad you asked!


The Difference in Net Worth Between Homeowners and Renters Is Widening

Think Homeownership and your financial health are disconnected? Think again!


What You Can Do Right Now To Prepare for Homeownership

As rent prices continue to soar, many renters look for opportunities to buy a home to call their own.


Hey Homebuyer! Would You Buy That Home in a Buyer’s Market?

Market pressure has many buyers pulling the trigger on a home they maybe really don’t want. Don’t let that be you!


How to Get the Home You Want

Even in the throws of what some would swear will surely go down as one of the wildest markets in the history of real estate, there are ways for you to get super savvy in maximizing YOUR leverage as a buyer. Too often buyers will make the “yep, we’re moving” decision and hop straight onto Zillow to start their search. Um, you might want … Read More How to Get the Home You Want