Category: Sippables


Instant Chocolification

…Cause sometimes you just need chocolate and you need it stat! Serves 1 Ingredients ½ – 1 cup Nut MIlk (may sub 1 cup water + 2 tbsp Hemp Hearts) 1  Banana 2 rounded tbsp Raw Cacao Powder 3 Ice cubes ½ tsp Stevia, or as desired Dash of Cayenne (optional) Instructions Blend all ingredients in a (mini) blender until smooth.  Enjoy.


Utter Indulgence Chocolate Shake

This one makes me think of a Frosty. Except, I don’t mind giving this to my family. So tasty you forget you’re drinking to your health. Ingredients 1 cup Almond Milk (or 1 cup Water +  ¼ cup Hemp Hearts) 2 heaping tbsp Raw Cacao 2 heavy tbsp Raw Honey 1 Avocado, flesh only 1 Frozen Banana Dash of Salt 4 Ice Cubes Instructions … Read More Utter Indulgence Chocolate Shake


Young Grasshopper

So good and so good for you, this sippable dessert brings together fresh and decadent seamlessly! Serves 2.   Ingredients 1 Young Coconut, Water & Flesh (flesh reserved) 1 cup kindly packed Fresh Mint Leaves 1 small handful Fresh Wheatgrass, Barley Grass OR a ½’n’ ½ mixture of the two (optional) 6 tbsp Honey, or as desired Pinch of Fine Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan … Read More Young Grasshopper