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Carrot, Apple & Date Muffins

Think something like carrot cake but way better and way better for you.  Top notch – these babies are incredibly scrumptious and keep the fam reaching for more while mom sits there sipping her coffee counting all the fruits and veg they’re getting from the start of their day. These muffins make a great, quick breakfast! Recipe yields 12 muffins.  Try them paired with … Read More Carrot, Apple & Date Muffins


THE Apple Pie

When I say this is THE Apple Pie, I mean it is seriously THE APPLE PIE.  I may or may not have totally hijacked this recipe from my mother-in-law who’s known across states and decades for her apple pie. I may or may not have taken this recipe down in trust only to turn around and share it all over the internet (or at … Read More THE Apple Pie


Ginger Pear Pie

Again, as stated along with the recipe for THE Apple Pie, my inclusion of this recipe is not to say that pie is considered a “health food” in my book.  Still, if you’re going to properly and appropriately fill your “pie whole,” it might as well and better be upgraded and worth every second. Ingredients For the Filling: 7-9 medium pears (Bartlett or Anjou recommended), … Read More Ginger Pear Pie


Out-of-this-World Vegan Chocolate Cake

While cake is a far cry from being a health food, there are ways that it can be upgraded for use on those special occasions. Be sure to be mindful that this recipe is for a single layer so if you’re going for the birthday cake, you need to double it. I will say, this is a phenomenal, moist, perfectly chocolaty cake.  My mother-in-law … Read More Out-of-this-World Vegan Chocolate Cake