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Chase Away the Winter Blues

Portrait of young woman wearing hood in winter
Portrait of young woman wearing hood in winter

Your mental health is SO IMPORTANT to your overall wellness picture. As much as most all of us know that, many people really struggle with finding joy in the dreary or cold. As we’ve wrapped up the bulk of the holiday season, January serves as a great time for a fresh start. Looking for new ways to love life sounds like a great start for 2023, if you ask me. Below are some things I find uplifting when low temps have me down.

Get Creative

Busy female painter taking oil colors while standing near table with oils, working in art studio, go

Creative expression has a way of bringing a sense of incredible peace. This could be “artsy,” picking up painting, sculpting or sketching, or super handy – like getting out in a wood shop and making something for the generations. Look for unique ways to use your gifts.

Still not sure what they are? Start trying out local classes!

Get Good Things on Your Calendar

Look for opportunities to look ahead. Schedule in coffee with a friend/relative, schedule a “mini spa day” with yourself and the cat. Crank up the jams or shut it all down and enjoy a good book. Put these things on your calendar as commitments to yourself and “tomorrows” to look forward to.

Get More D in Your Day

It actually doesn’t take hours on end of sun exposure to get your Vitamin D for the day. Even 15-20 minutes outside with the hands and face exposed can make a great difference. Bundle up and go for a prayer walk. It will be a great way to get some fresh air and hit a solid reset on your day.

Looking for more food sources of Vitamin D? You might look to:

  • Cod liver oil
  • Salmon
  • Swordfish
  • Tuna fish
  • Orange juice fortified with vitamin D
  • Dairy and plant milks fortified with vitamin D
  • Sardines
  • Beef liver
  • Egg yolk
fog and sun on a winter morning through the trees

Set the Scene

Fill your home with cozy colors, warm scents, comfy cushions and furry throws. Plus, play uplifting background music as you potter about the house carrying out chores. Studies show sounds can alter brainwaves, and cheerful music will work on your subconscious to make you happy.

Cute dog at home

Consume Positivity

Everything you mentally consume, from entertainment to the news, influences your well-being. Think of the TV shows, music, and conversational topics as positive or negative fuel for your spirit. Pause occasionally to consider what type of fodder you’re allowing in your mind. Is it inspiring and heartening? If not, change tack and enrich your soul with nourishing fare.

Don’t let the winter blues get you. Chase them away by taking control of your happiness. Increase vitality and elation in the ways mentioned. You’ll soon see wintertime as the season to top-up with joy.

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