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Biophilic Design: What is it? Why does it matter?

In looking to make living spaces both more peaceful and more productive, Architects and Interior Designers continue to come up with creative solutions for happier clients.

Enter biophilic design, which ” seeks to connect occupants more closely to nature” according to

Biophilia is a love of the natural world and its life forms. This couldn’t be better suited for the trends of today as people on a grand scale are increasingly looking for greener solutions and to get back to a way of living that feels more natural. To be fair though, this concept is far from new and is critical in promoting mental (and physical) health.

This is why we have houseplants, house pets, skylights, wood floors and quarried countertops. We install screens in windows and doors to enjoy the fresh breeze and the birds chirping outside. We don’t even have to talk on how much more most will pay for an ocean/lake view, a peek at or from the monuments or to be as close as possible to parks and outdoor recreation sites.

With humans spending the vast majority of their time indoors, the houseplant industry continues to grow (all pun intended). Plants just make us happier, more focused and healthier.

How can you incorporate biophilic design into your environment?

While some would shoot for “lookalikes” to incorporate the look and feel of nature in a given space, I personally prefer bringing in the “real deal” to the greatest extent possible. Look for ways to add in plenty of natural light, a water feature or pockets of easy-care plants.

Where space is limited, consider wall mount or hanging planters that keep things off the floor.

Adding fragrant plants (flowers, pine, fresh herbs such as lavender or thyme) only adds to the overall experience, creating that perfect, peaceful retreat and the best place to call HOME.

What biophilic elements do you like bringing into your living space and what impact do you feel this has on your day-to-day living?

Published by LaTricia Morris

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