Weilding nothing more than a blender and a spoon, you and your family too can enjoy shaved ice from home, knowing that it is tastier, cheaper and a bajillion times healthier than those food truck alternatives!

…It’s cool.  Your secret’s safe with me.  This simple, refreshing treat is just the ticket on a hot summer’s day!


6 cups Fresh Watermelon, pink flesh only (seedless preferable, otherwise you can mash it with a fork through a large mesh strainer to get the seeds out)

1/2 tsp Stevia, optional but does make it a stronger competitor for those used to those sugar/syrup coated shaved ices they sell out of those food trailers.


Cut watermelon into medium-sized chunks and add to blender with stevia.

Puree and pour into a freezer-safe container.  Cover and freeze.

Just before serving, remove from freezer.  To “shave,” simply scrape with a large spoon and place in serving bowls.

If too frozen to shave, just give it a moment.  It will quickly thaw enough to make for easy scraping.

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