You can hardly get any more instant than this one going from frozen fruit to dessert in seconds…


2 Frozen Banana

¼ Vanilla Bean, scraped or ½ t Vanilla Extract

2 tsp Honey


Place all ingredients in food processor fitted with an S Blade.  Hold onto the appliance as you start it up as it can initially try to hop across the counter a bit.

This comes together quickly so pay attention!  Once you see tiny fruit chunks on the processor walls, scrape down then continue processing.  As you see it start to smooth out, check the consistency.  You want it to be smooth but be cautious to no let it run so long it melts.

Scoop into serving bowls and enjoy immediately.

This recipe is very basic and can either be enjoyed on its own or with additions such as cocoa, mint, strawberries, peaches, nuts or spice mixes.

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